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About Us

Manikanta Nursery is one of the finest plant nurseries from kadiyam in AndhraPradesh. It was established by BodapatiSeethayagaru in 1932. His interest and gratitude towards plants made him as a successful person. Our motive is to deliver high-quality plants to the customers. He was cultivating the plants in a healthy environment. We also have another branch in Delhi. In those days seethayagaru delivered the plants to the whole sale suppliers through rivers with the help of boats and also through the rail. Subsequently, the nursery was taken care and grandly running by his heritage. The next generation of seethaya are Suryanarayana, Seethaya, Satyanarayana, MurthyandSeethaya took care of nursery responsibility and spread the fame throughout the nation.

In kadiyapulanka, MANIKANTA nursery is surrounded by full of fabulous and greenery plants. It has been leading to a famous nursery from the years because we are landscaping the plants as a friend of nature. Presently the manikanta nursery is sustaining by the fourth and fifth generation of seethayagaru. The manikanta nursery has all kinds of plants like lemon, orange, mango, sapodilla and coconut etc. We are transporting the different kinds of plants throughout India in large amount.

We cannot imagine the world without plants. By implanting a plant one can free from pollution. So everyone should plant a tree will stand as a great inspiration to the next generations.